Issue Background

Federal Fiscal Policy

Medicaid plays a critical role in Long-Term Supports and Services (LTSS) as the major source of funding for ANCOR providers.

ANCOR opposes any cuts that result in cost-shifting to states that would threaten:

  • Access to LTSS
  • Accessibility to comprehensive health care
  • Workforce sustainability

This includes block grants, blended rates, cuts to financing mechanisms that leverage additional federal Medicaid dollars such as provider taxes, across the board cuts and any policy changes that would result in cuts that limit beneficiary access to quality services and supports.

In addition to preserving Medicaid funding, ANCOR seeks to be at the forefront of any potential federal Medicaid reform discussions. While states seek additional flexibility, ANCOR will advocate for the federal government to maintain its role in financing the critical Medicaid safety net.

Funding of services for people with disabilities is a complex, and often times confusing, topic. ANCOR understands the intricacies of the financial systems that affect our providers, as well as the intricate relationship among federal agencies that promulgate regulations with competing priorities. ANCOR works closely with policymakers to advocate for sustainable funding models that will ensure the best possible outcomes for people with disabilities and the direct support professionals who support them. 

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