Issue Background

Federal Regulations

COMING SOON - This page will keep you informed on pending and enacted regulations that impact people with disabilities and the people that support them.


Department of Transportation RIN 2105-AE15

The Department is revising its rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (section 504), specifically to provide that transportation entities are required to make reasonable modifications/accommodations to policies, practices, and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure that their programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

DATES: This rule is effective July 13, 2015. 



(DOL) Administrator's Interpretation 2016-1, Joint Employment



Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (April 16, 205)

Programs and Activities Authorized by the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (Title II of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

PDF Pages 20967 - 20987 (21 pages) [FR DOC #: 2015-05540]

State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program:
State Supported Employment Services Program; Limitations on Use of Subminimum Wage

PDF Pages 21059 - 21146 (88 pages) [FR DOC #: 2015-05538]

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act:
Miscellaneous Program Changes

PDF Pages 20988 - 21058 (71 pages) [FR DOC #: 2015-05535]

Unified and Combined State Plans, Performance Accountability, and the One-Stop System Joint Provisions

PDF Pages 20573 - 20687 (115 pages) [FR DOC #: 2015-05528]


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

PDF Pages 20689 - 20966 (278 pages) [FR DOC #: 2015-05530]